Apple Devices iCloud Unlocking

Apple devices have some of the best security features compared to other devices in the current market. These security features have minimized the theft of the expensive and in-demand Apple gadgets which is a welcomed relief for people who own Apple products. One such security feature is the infamous iCloud which has been the major component of Apple devices security.

The amount of misinformation and scams on jailbreaking, unlocking or bypassing the iCloud is one of the most confusing aspects of owning Apple gadgets. This write-up will shed some more information on this and set the record straight in a simple, straightforward manner.

Unlocking iCloud on an Apple Device

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Can the iCloud be unlocked? Yes. However, you have to be very careful since most of the platforms that experts tested were scams. They know you are desperate and the only way to know if a method works is by testing which costs you money. Avoid the miss and hit and go straight to the men and women who can legitimately unlock your iCloud account. The companies which we have tested and approved of their services will be outlined later in the article.

Bypassing an Apple Device

Another option of using an Apple device with a locked iCloud account is to bypass the lock. Bypassing is also possible, but it does have its limitations. If you are not on a budget, we recommend that you go for unlocking rather than bypass the iCloud. A device that has been bypassed cannot do important phone utilities such as calling or installing applications. Bypassing, however, is free since you anyone can do it and it is also quick.

Jailbreaking Apple Devices

Unfortunately, jailbreaking is not the first option when working with an Apple gadget. You first have to bypass or unlock the iCloud before you even think of jailbreaking. If you encounter any sites, people or forums who say that they can jailbreak your iPhone, Ipad or Apple watch and have it work like normal, run for the hills. It is a scam that many people have fallen to and lost a lot of money since they did not any better.

Best Companies for iPhone iCloud Unlocking

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At iChimp, we have tested tens of different forums and spent lots of time and money to find the best iCloud unlocking companies. This writing is not sponsored, and these results are the true reflection of our findings.


This is simply the best iCloud unlocking service provider that we could find. The prices are competitive starting at about $50 which is less than what most scammers charge. The turn around time is pretty quick at an average of 2-3 days. All the different devices that we tried with them were unlocked which is somewhat of a record.

  • Official iPhone Unlock

This is another legitimate iPhone unlocking company that you can choose. They also charge an average of $50 per device and have a turn around time of about 2-5 days. They only failed to unlock an iPhone 4 which was one of the 6 phones we provided to this company. Their customer care can improve but other than that nothing major to complain about

  • IMEI Codes

We presented 6 devices to this company, and they were able to unlock 2 of them. Unfortunately, it seems like IMEI Codes is no longer unlocking Apple devices.…